Thursday, March 10, 2016

Easy methods to Enhance Flowerhorn KOK Development

The target of every flowerhorn hobbyists is to make the flowerhorn cichlid grow a big kok. This is because of the truth that the dimensions of Flowerhorn's head is the one greatest determinant of high quality and a few circumstances, it is worth. How to enhance Flowerhorn KOK is easier when you follow these important steps.

KOK Gene

The Flowerhorn KOK gene is the one factor which determines whether its head will develop into a bigger one. With out this issue, there's nothing you can do to improve the dimensions of its kok. So, the best way here is to test whether or not the louhan has it or not.

In choosing a juvenile fish, select one which already has a potential. Professional hobbyists are familiar about this. If you're a newbie with this curiosity, worry no extra because in time you'll simply improve your ability naturally.

Don't count on that as a result of male has a big nuchal hump, your buying will want too. It's advisable to spend more money and take time to find a best juvenile louhan rather than deal with hindrances later.

As an illustration your fish has already begun showing some increase in kok, you have to contemplate these items with a purpose to improve it higher.

The Quality of the Water

Quality of the water plays a big function in KOK growth. Water situation affects the effectively-being of your health. KOK progress is steady and sooner if the fish is in its correct well being condition. So, it's important to develop and keep a daily water change schedule. The truth is according to many specialists, it's best to make a 30% partial water change no less than once per week. For those who are using a excessive filtration system, twice or thrice a month could suffice given that you clean your filter every day.

Feeding Routine

Feeding the fish with enough quantity of Flowerhorn meals additionally performs a major position within the development of KOK heads. Feeding your small fish with a large pallet can be the explanation of having a poor water high quality. So, as much as potential feed your fish with appropriate pallet measurement.

Tank Dimension

Choosing the appropriate tank is essential to extend KOK development. A 30 gallon tanks is the required quantity of water when grooming a 2 to three inch juvenile. Retaining one cichlid in an individual tank supplies your fish a chance to develop management over his area.

Dominance is a function which tends to aid within the progress of nuchal humps. A variety of hobbyist instructed using a fifty gallon tank as a normal. For old ones, the appropriate dimension must be eighty gallons or larger.


The lighting of your aquarium is the primary factor in making KOK grow larger. In choosing the perfect mild on your aquarium that is appropriate in your flowerhorn, coloration as well as light depth is the vital things it's essential take into account.

Quality of Food

Utilizing the appropriate food in rising KOK progress is essential as well. For juveniles, the food ought to have protein content material of 35%.

Learn how to increase KOK progress is simple when you comply with these important components.

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