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Can Transferring Blankets Be Used For Soundproofing?


Since I began to supply shifting blankets on the market online ? I noticed that majority of on-line clients are not moving corporations or movers. One unexpected demand to use moving blankets was for deadening sound. Once I acquired an urgent request from a customer who needed to have the blankets NOW! because her dog was making so much noise ? landlord threatened to evict her! We delivered the same day and he or she was glad. Many orders come from recording studios, musicians and movie makers. Individuals who need to create a particular necessities for making a superb recording.

With cooperation from one among them we specially designed a transferring blanket for sound proofing.

The thickness of the blanket was steered to be 8.2 lbs which appears to be optimal for sound proofing without making blanket too cumbersome and difficult to deal with.

The Shade selection , One facet Black and the opposite aspect White, was also selected to satisfy film maker's particular gentle reflection requirements.


Can Transferring Blankets be used for soundproofing?

Once I bought this e-mail:


I noticed that in your packing blanket part you make mention of noise management use. Just wondering when you can present me with any noise absorption specs regarding the totally different blanket classes.

Thanks for any assist!


I started to search for specs and got here throughout an fascinating chatroom of Filmmakers where they talk about the subject of using transferring blankets for sound proofing ( dvxuser-dot-com) under is the condensed model of the chats that should answer the question if the Moving blankets could be suitable for soundproofing and what to anticipate from them.:

Q: I understand the usefulness if not necessity of having so-referred to as "sound blankets" to absorb sound, particularly with my lower than very best mics and so forth.. I do know that there are special blankets made from particular materials and that is what you pros most likely use. And I do know they value a far more than I can afford.

Here is my question: Can I get cheap (not essentially best possible) results just using inexpensive quilted furnishings moving pads? I don't see why I can't just get a couple of of those and add some grommets in order that I can hang them if I wish to. They won't be one of the best at deadening sound (stopping reflections), however the large thick sort should certainly help the acoustics in many indoor conditions.

A: Sure, movers blankets are high-quality, provided they're thick like. Acoustic treatment is one space the place I dont place a complete heap of value in buying specialist products (no less than, not for on set functions). I say this as a result of having a carpeted room in a quiet neighborhood with some gentle furniture (beds/couches) inside is often sufficient to offer good results if the correct mic selection is made (right here Im not talking make and model, but polar pattern), and that mic is put in an applicable place. And while you DO get optimum recording situations, then your audio sounds INCREDIBLE.

Q: So, subsequent query, once you have the large thick movers blankets, what is one of the simplest ways to droop them. Would you employ mild stands with a "knuckle" (I think thats what it's called) or another type of particular clamp, or would you utilize a background setup with a pole stretched between two stands and then suspend the blanket from the pole? Or would you solely drape the blankets around the room. I ought to have prefaced this with the scenario is that you're capturing an interview in a room with poor acoustics.

If suspending the blankets provides higher sound, what's the best way to do it?

A: What actually makes the distinction, is the floor space the blanket covers, and the gap from the speaker. As sound leaves a speakers mouth, the nearer the blanket is to them, the less surfaces the noise may be mirrored off before it will get absorbed by the blanket. Again in our outdated workplace, we used a small tiled rest room as a vocal booth for doing music recordings. Usually, this would be a nightmare acoustically. But we hung a sl

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