Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Top Reasons to Use 100 Day Loans

What is 100 Day Loans All About?

100 day loans is a company that will allow you to do more with your cash advance or payday loan than any other company. It is an online lender that gives you a much better option for your emergency loan and you can get cash within a few hours instead of waiting forever. This is preferred by many and you need to understand what a basic payday loan is and the difference between it and a 100 day loan.

The regular type of payday loan is one that you will have to pay back within about a month. They will lend you between 0 and ,500 and split the payment in half plus the interest. This will come directly out of your bank account on your next two pay dates. It can help you out when you need it the most, but it can also make it a bit difficult because it is a lot to pay back out of two paychecks.

The biggest difference between a regular online payday loan and 100 day loans is the amount of time you get to pay the loan back. If you were to take out 0 with a regular payday loan company you will pay it back with two payments of about 5 each with the interest included. If you took the same amount out with 100 day loans you will pay it back with 6 payments of a little under 0 each.

This will keep you from going crazy and it will not interrupt your budget as much. When you use a loan that gives you more time to pay it back you can manage it and fit it into your budget easier. Nobody wants to have to take out a payday loan, but sometimes you need cash and you need it now. This is what you can get from 100 day loans.

The Way 100 Day Loans Work

After you have filled out the application you will get an approval within about 90 seconds. Then, you will be sent to an electronic signature page to sign your loan documents. You will want to read the terms of the loan and you will want to sign the document. Make sure you understand what you are getting so that there are no surprises.

Then, sign the loan documents and submit them to the 100 day loans company. They will send the money you are borrowing directly into your bank account and this can be done in as fast as one hour. However, a typical loan does take a little longer and you will most likely get the money you are borrowing on the next business day.

Your payments will be scheduled to come out of the same account that the money you borrowed is deposited into. It will also allow you to see how much each payment will be and when it will come out of your account. You do not have to worry about bad credit because 100 day loans does not do a credit check or consider your credit score.

The best part about using the 100 day loans lender is you will have more time to pay the loan back and once you do it will be easier to get another loan. You will not have to go through the long process for any other loans after the first one and you can get approved for a larger loan than the first one was.

The amount you can get is directly related to how much money you make and you will be able to get between 0 and ,500 within a day or less. This is a great way to go about getting the money you need in an emergency situation and it is also a great way to use the money you can get for other things as well.

The Uses of 100 Day Loans

The major use of the 100 day loans is for an emergency. This can be your car breaking down, a medical emergency, or any other type of emergency that requires cash to deal with it. If you are in an emergency situation you can have the cash you need within an hour to 24 hours and you can do everything you need to right online.

You can also use a loan from 100 day loans for a down payment on a car, for a purchase you need to make, to start a business, or for many other thing. The loan is yours to use for whatever you want to use it for and it does not matter what you use it for because 100 day loans is not going to question your needs.

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