Monday, December 31, 2012

Forex Arbitrage Trading - Opportunities Which Won't Last Forever

Foreign Exchange traders employ a plethora of strategies in their trading, and Forex arbitrage trading is one. The basic concept is to profit from inefficiencies in the market that are present for only a short period of time. The nature of this kind of trading is complicated, especially for the beginner, and usually requires high levels of leverage to make any serious profit.

Forex arbitrage trading involves trading in at least 3 different currencies, and 3 different currency pair combinations that you can derive from these. You would normally begin with one currency, trade that for a second currency and then that for a third, and eventually buy back the original currency. So, if before you placed a trade you had USD, at the end of all the trades you will again have USD.

Lets look at an example using the pairings EUR/USD, GBP/EUR and USD/GBP. When an inefficiency in the markets is identified, it gives us an opportunity to buy EUR with USD, then buy GBP with EUR and then buy back our original USD with GBP and finish up with more than we started. While these opportunities do come up everyday, they are only ever around for a short time.

We will assume the following buying exchange rates for our example:

EUR/USD: 1.533272
GBP/EUR: 1.3127
USD/GBP: 0.4967956

Now let's go through each trade in our example. We will begin with 0,000 and buy Euros: 500,000 / 1.533272 = 326,100 Euros. We take these Euros and by Pounds: 326100 / 1.3127 = ?248419.28. Lastly we take our pounds and buy back the Dollar: 248419.28 / 0.4967956 = 0043.23. So we have made a profit of .23.

When one of these opportunities to profit from the discrepancies between currencies arises, it is vital that an arbitrage trader executes their trades swiftly. There are literally hundreds of thousands of arbitrage traders around the world waiting to pounce on these opportunities, and when they all place the same currency orders within the same few seconds the markets compensate and the opportunity is gone.

You may be wondering then, how do traders actually identify these opportunities, given that the time frame they are available is so short and the calculations many and intricate. Forex arbitrage trading is made possible because software exists that is able to monitor the markets and make all the calculations. Because arbitrage trading involves taking advantage of an opportunity that is short-lived, you must ensure you have a live up to the second feed of FX rates and a good internet connection.

In our example we were able to make only .23 profit from 3 trades, many times you will find more than 3 trades is required. There is no real limit to the number of currency pairs and trades that can be involved in an equation. To actually make a profit using arbitrage, Forex margin trading strategies are important and you will need to leverage your account very heavily.

For the most part, forex arbitrage trading will generally only be a small part of an experienced traders dealings. For the inexperienced trader, arbitrage trading is not an ideal trading model to start with, and nor is it the best option to make a sustainable income from trading the Forex markets.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Teacher Interview Questions And Answers

The need for teacher interview questions and answers will arise if you are either applying for the position, or you are hiring. Either way, take a look at certain important questions.

A teacher's job is an important one. There is absolutely no scope for mistake when hiring a teacher for your kids. Whether you are a principal or a parent, you owe it to the kids to have a good, reliable educator. But when do you know that the person you've chosen is the right one? If you can't find the answer to that question, this list of teacher interview questions and answers should help make a difference to you. Let's get started with a few teacher interview questions and sample answers.

Before we really go on, you must bear in mind that the nature of the questions have to be based on the level the teacher is being chosen for. For instance, kindergarten teacher interview questions will be way different than special education teacher interview questions and answers. It is also important that the person getting interviewed must be genuinely interested in this field, or else, you might just get stuck with the wrong person! On to the questions and answers now.

Teacher Interview Questions and Sample Answers

The following questions are good choices as teacher interview questions:

Why did you choose to get into this profession?
This question is the most evident of all questions asked at a teacher interview. Honestly, there is no right or wrong answer for such a question, but it is advisable to steer clear from being politically correct. Most people that get into teaching either have an affinity towards children and do not find more joy in anything other than spending their time in giving these little ones the opportunity to grow, and learn something new every day of their life. Another reason for a lot of people to want to devote their life to the field of teaching is inspiration from an old teacher who left a lasting impression on them, to the extent that they want to get into the same profession.

What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
Another question with a very high likelihood of getting asked, this question demands extreme honesty when replied to. Being truthful will be proof of your integrity and add to your credibility, thus adding to your chances of getting the job that you're getting interviewed for. While you may be someone who is ambitious and driven, don't go to the extremes when putting forth your ambitious streak. Also, try not to sound narcissistic. Remember, the fact that you are applying for position of a teacher means you put the children / students before yourself. There is absolutely no place for an inflated ego in a profession like such. At the same time, do not sound overly negative when discussing your weaknesses. That won't really help your cause either.

Tell us about your past achievements.
Again, do not lie! Don't forget, if you have past experience, your new place of employment is well in the position to carry out a background check on your professional records. Fibbing or tampering with records to look like an over-achiever is an absolute NO! Your honesty will be accepted way more than your need to look like a false success. In no way is it being suggested that pride be taken in mediocrity, but you'd much rather be honest and say something that will create a positive impact, rather than a negative one. If you do feel disappointed about not having much to your credit, you could well tell the interviewers that you are looking to change your track record, and that all you need is a chance to prove yourself. This kind of optimism could help you score the job way more than the lies would.

What do you think is the right approach towards discipline?
Obviously, you know that a teacher's position demands being a disciplinarian too. While being friendly and approachable towards your students is always a good idea, it is also important to know where to draw the line. The sanctity of the teacher-student relationship must not be broken. Respect is important, so you must make sure you create a respect worthy image while standing before the students. Another factor to be kept in mind is that at no point can you turn biased. As far as punishments are concerned, corporal punishment is a strict no. All you need is to be stern, not evil. The discipline will follow for sure.

How do you handle criticism?
A good question to ask, finding out if the teacher can handle criticism well is very essential. While the criticism will be mostly professional criticism, it is crucial that the teacher be able to handle being told that his/her method of functioning is not quite suitable and probably needs to undergo a change. Rigidity on the teacher's part in this aspect can hardly be accepted. After all, if the teaching style isn't doing the student's much good, the method demands a change.

The aforesaid was a rough idea of teacher interview questions and answers. Some other questions that would definitely be useful to ask are:
1. Why do you want to work for our school?
2. Are you comfortable with using various kinds of technology as a teaching tool?
3. Would you be able to handle a child who is socially isolated?
4. Why should you get hired when there are other candidates who are equally or better qualified than you are? What sets you apart?
5. How would you communicate with the parents of a difficult student?
6. What are your thoughts on team teaching?
7. Who / What according to you is a successful teacher?
8. How would you handle a student who is constantly late to class?
9. Who or what in life has been your best teacher?
10. Finally, do you have any questions for us?
I'd like to believe that the given set of questions will help you out the next time you're at either end of the interview. So, go ahead and get prepared.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Fully Integrated Accounting Software

We all know that keeping our different IT systems in sync with each other can be a constant battle. In particular, the finance or accounting system is the most reliant on information from other systems, whether it be HR, payroll or CRM. Despite this, many organisations are put off by full integration and go through the tedious process of re-keying data from one system to the core accounting platform. However, these methods have many drawbacks compared with true integration that delivers automated updating of information between systems in real-time.

Here are some of the benefits you could be missing out on.

Reduced accounting administration
With a fully integrated accounting system, you can save hundreds of hours spent copying data from one place to another. This isn't the only problem; staff need the discipline to remember to copy data across systems, it also takes a huge amount of time in re-keying, formatting and checking. It makes far more sense to enter the data once and let technology take care of the rest. With modern integration methods there's no need to worry about varying file formats; you can simply use what are known as feeders' to monitor activity in one application and ensure it is replicated in the core accounting software system.

Elimination of accounting errors
If you have a number of different people manually moving data, then it will inevitably result in multiple errors, duplication of records or even lost information. Through integration you can side-step the middle ground' where mistakes occur, making your finance data more up to date and reliable.

Quicker billing
Once your data starts being automatically updated in real-time, you can then prepare invoicing as soon as a product or service has been sold or delivered. Not only can you get the bills out faster, you can also be confident that the figures are accurate. Taking into account all the latest information from every department also means that no sales are overlooked and you bill for everything you sell.

Better credit control
Knowing who owes what and when can be crucial if you want to maximise your cash flow and chase outstanding debtors. By integrating your accounting software with other systems such as CRM or stock, you can create high level reports allowing managers or even account managers to spot customers that may be in trouble or identify those that should be given shorter or longer credit terms. Furthermore, if you use cloud accounting software, you can then access this information wherever you are.

Improved budgeting
If all your departmental managers have up to date information on expenditure then there are no excuses for over-spending. Having budgets that are always current means that both managers and finance professionals can keep a closer eye on purchasing, resulting in improved cash-flow and more effective future planning.

More accurate reporting and informed finance management decisions
An end of month report by its definition is out of date by the time it is compiled. Why not rely on daily reporting that can be created by managers themselves? With fully integrated accounting software, it is now possible to allow department heads and/or budget holders to see summary information, at a glance, on a range of subjects knowing that the facts and figures are based on information that has been gathered in real-time.

The business environment is more fragile than ever, so senior managers want the reassurance of knowing exactly what is happening in the business. By Having the most up to date financial data you can spot a problem with dwindling sales, outstanding debtors, soaring expenses or even a new sales opportunity, and take action before it is too late. This is made even more convenient through the use of online accounting software which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Save on IT costs
When older software systems become difficult to extract data from, it may be tempting just to replace them. However, rather than write off the investment, integration tools are capable of monitoring all types of third party applications regardless of the operating systems involved.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Va Home Loans With Bad Credit: Special Qualifications And Tips

Serving the country as a member of the armed forces comes with many benefits. The 1944 Serviceman's Readjustment Act, which many also know by the term GI Bill, was created to help armed forces veterans to get ahead after their service time has ended. One such benefit offered by the GI Bill is VA home loan assistance. This program allows vets to purchase a home with a low or minimal down payment. The VA will guarantee 25% of the loan instead. Also, those with bad credit are also able to find relief through VA loans.

Gett a VA Loan: Meeting the Qualifications

The benefit of the VA home loan received through the Serviceman's Readjustment Act (GI Bill) is that there is a guarantee from the department of Veteran's Affairs (VA). This guarantee eliminates much of the risk associated with bad credit loans or low down payments. You can get a VA home loan with bad credit. However there are specific criteria that you need to meet as well. These qualifications include the following:

- No history of loan default within the last twelve months. Defaults in the distant past, though considered, can be disregarded if you have proven that you have reformed from your past mistakes.

- No bankruptcies on file in the past two years. Again, a bankruptcy on record will matter, but if you have made changes and allowed at least two years to pass, you can still get a VA home loan.

- Proof of current, gainful employment with a steady and reliable income. You need to display that you have the ability to pay for the home loan you seek.

Disabled Veterans

Armed service veterans who are currently disabled and receiving benefits due to their disability may still qualify for VA home loans with bad credit. This is because there are special additional programs that are offered for disabled vets. By speaking with a VA loan professional, you can see if you are able to get a VA loan with bad credit as a disabled veteran.

Improving Your Credit Score

Among the most important steps to take before applying for VA loans is making changes in your personal financial habits in order to increase the credit score you currently have. Simple steps that you can take in order to achieve this include consolidating debts and setting a clear budget to follow each month. Also, make sure that you have each month's payments clearly marked on your calendar in order to avoid late payments that may make a bad credit score go down even more.

Finding a VA Loan

Qualifying for a VA home loan is a simple procedure for most veterans. Any lender who offers VA sponsored home mortgages can help you with the details. The trick is to do the research to find lenders who offer VA home loans and to apply to each separately.

Many private internet lenders are able to help you get the loan you need and many even specialize in working with borrowers with bad credit. These private lenders can be accessed from the comfort of your own home and many will respond to your request immediately. As a veteran of the armed forces, you represent a very special customer and most private lenders will be happy to work with you to get a VA home loan with bad credit.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Pros and Cons of Unsecured Personal Loans

Unless you're a financial wizard, talking about loans can be pretty confusing. For example, do you understand the differences between secured and unsecured personal loans? Let's start with that basic knowledge before delving into the pros and cons of taking out an unsecured personal loan.

A secured loan is one that is backed by a lien or claim against some type of asset that's in possession of the borrower. These types of loans are most commonly preferred when the borrower's creditworthiness is questionable.

On the other hand, an unsecured personal loan doesn't involve any type of asset or lien. Instead, it's an agreement made between the borrower and the lender based completely on the borrower's promise to repay the loan. One main example of an unsecure loan is a credit card. The borrower's creditworthiness is deemed worthy enough to receive the loan, and then it's up to the borrower to repay the loanor have to deal with some nasty interest fees and buildup.

So what are the pros and cons of taking out an unsecured personal loan? Following are some of the advantages:

When you take out the maximum amount of an unsecured loan, you are then able to pay a lower interest rate.
Unsecured personal loans don't use your property or other assets as collateral. Therefore, if you're unable to repay the loan, you can at least breathe easy that you home and other assets are safe.
Unsecured loans' interest rates are fixed, meaning that you can easily plan for when and how to make the payments that are necessary to repay the loanunlike loans that could involve rising interest rates.
Approval for an unsecured personal loan can happen as quickly as within twenty-four hours. This is particularly advantageous if you need the money right away or are facing an emergency situation.
Many lenders offer borrowers the opportunity to obtain an unsecured personal loan online, which is extremely convenient and quick.

Now it's time for the cons:

Unable to make your loan payments? Then your loan could become defaulted, which means that the lender has the ability to garnish your wages in order to collect payments.
Unfortunately, the time period that you have to repay your loan is typically much shorter with an unsecured loan than it is with a secured loan. Consequently, you can expect your monthly payment to be much higher than it would be with a secured loan.
Typically, interest rates are much higher for unsecured loans than other types of loans. That's because most of the people who take out an unsecured loan don't have good credit.
Finally, unsecured personal loans may be just a tad too easy to getso much so that some borrowers may begin to use these loans as a crutch, getting themselves deeper and deeper into debt .

Now that you have the pros and cons of unsecured personal loans, do you think you'll take one out? Or will you opt to go with another type of loan?

One main example of an unsecure loan is a credit card. These types of loans are most commonly preferred when the borrower's credit worthiness is questionable .

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Invaluable Guidelines On Debt Aid Loans

Debt reduction loans are normally thought-about a close to-last resort in addition to a "financial savior" for those whose time and a focus is preoccupied by the stranglehold of debt. Loans themselves actually must be reserved for emergencies as a supply of buying cash, but actuality regularly tells us otherwise.

There are lots of different kinds of loans out there to us, and the common American takes out 2-5 loans over the course of a lifetime. This demonstrates that loans have, actually, turn out to be an important a part of the fabric of society. The allure of obtaining cash today slightly than saving for a large expense over the course of months or years is very tough to resist.

Loans, nonetheless, are actually not all detrimental, and can be of nice significance when a necessity is deep and affordability is out of reach. Necessities akin to an automotive for fundamental transportation, surgical procedure, dwelling, or roof restore may require dipping past current available resources.

You want a good amount of information to correctly handle a loan. Practicality is imperative when deciding among the many sorts of loans that may be chosen. The ensuing responsibility associated with taking over a mortgage may be one of the vital demanding and worrisome issues of your life.

There some worthwhile tips about debt reduction loans of which most individuals are usually not familiar. Debt relief loans are those prolonged to people to get rid of possibly unnecessary - and undoubtedly worrisome - money owed already owed. With the help that a debt relief loan brings, you may repay all your current loans by borrowing that amount from the debt aid company. That is sometimes referred to as debt consolidation.

There are several interesting elements of debt relief loans.

1. Debt relief loans are supposed for practically all who have debt. There are, nevertheless, pointers to the quantities that can be provided and the kinds of bills that they will address.

2. You don't essentially require an excellent credit score to qualify for a debt aid loan.

3. If you want to pay off your present debts quickly, a debt relief mortgage is without doubt one of the best options for doing so. You'll certainly reside a more peaceable existence by not having large money owed hanging over your head every month.

4. Debt consolidation and debt relief help to mix your debts into one so that there's only one cost it's a must to cope with each month. And the overall cost on that one mortgage will virtually at all times be less than the total of your different money owed combined.

Debt consolidation is the singular most popular solution to work towards changing into debt free. You may turn into financially stable in less time when using debt consolidation.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to Get Out of an Upside Down Auto Loan

Getting upside down on car loan, sometimes also referred as underwater on car loan means your loan exceeds the current value of your vehicle or in other words you owe more on the loan than you could expect to get by car sale or trade-in deal. As you can't pay off the loan with the income from selling the car due to the negative equity in auto loan, so you're stuck with the car and the loan payments.

Of course, nobody likes being upside down on their auto loan whereby the car you want to trade-in is worth K and you still owe k on it. Despite the fact, almost 40% of the Americans end up being upside down on their auto loans.

Following are the reasons which act against the people to gain equity out of their vehicle while turning them upside down on their loan. However, being upside down can only be problematic to those who are looking to trade-in their car while owing on auto loan.

>>Low down payment or no money down A lot of borrowers avoid making down payment thinking of saving their cash on hand, but it ultimately adds on the interest amount.

>>Longer term Getting a car loan for five years or more can also increase your chances of owe more in interest than you will on the car. Thus, even if your payment seems affordable, in the true sense you are paying a lot more in interest.

>>Rolling old car payment to new car loan Some people with an intention to get rid of this situation transfer their old car's remaining balance into a new auto loan. And thus add extra debt on their new auto loan which makes them to increase their monthly payments while being upside down all over again.

>>Higher interest rate: While accepting vehicle loan, it may happen that you are forced to take a higher interest rate either due to bad credit or any other reason which leads to raise your payment to interest more than principle.

>>Paying high for car: This happens especially when you buy an automobile from a private seller without checking the blue book value, and end up paying more on your car. While also when you purchase a car you cannot afford.

How to get out of this situation?

Prepayment: Prepayment could be an excellent way to pay off the loan faster. However, you need to make sure that your current loan does not include any prepayment penalties that could restrict you from paying additional cash. Thus, you can make extra payments each month and can get rid from being upside down.

Refinancing upside down car loan: Car loan refinancing can also be a good option to lower the interest rates while redefining your loan terms such as shortening your term period which can help you from being upside down. However, sometimes lenders does not provide you traditional refinance car loan, in such a case you can opt for a home equity loan which is a type of secured loans and have comparatively lower rates. Getting this loan can help you to pay off your loan quickly without spending extra cash.

Avoiding the situation in future:

# Making the down payment (at least 20%). # Not having loan terms more than 5 years. # Prefer buying a used car as new cars depreciate much faster. # Keep your car loan payment limited to 20% of your income.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Promoting Your Mortgage Business on Valentines Day

Although I don't normally advocate the traditional loan officer schmoozing of Real Estate Agents using DRS (donuts and rate sheets)...I do happen to like this idea.

On Valentines Day (February 14th) and only on that day...your local Einstein Bros Bagels (TM) in addition to their usually round bagels...makes bagels (by special order) in the shape of hearts. Yes...I did say is Valentines Day remember!

Now, I will add a little disclaimer here: Although I don't know for sure, this offer is probably not available at all Einstein locations. So, check it out at your local store. You'll probably need to talk to a manager to get the details. Lastly, you'll need to place an order, as well as, pay in advance for the privilege of getting your hands on these heart-shaped bagels.

The reason I like this idea is that, I can specifically target a local Real Estate Office or two, as well as, a couple of CPAs and Attorneys offices using Valentines Day as my reason. There's no weekly or monthly on-going commitment here...just Valentines Day. All of these offices do have one thing in common...they all provide me a goodly amount of referrals and mortgage business throughout the year.

Since most folks aren't even aware that Einstein's provides this kind of service, this is an excellent way to leave a positive impression and a great way just to say "Thank You." Everyone in that office will take notice. Deliver your heart shaped bagels and a couple of smears (that's Einstein lingo for cream cheeses) on Valentines morning and include a flyer (or even 8 or 10 postcard size cards) with a big red heart that says: "We put our heart in everything we do." Don't forget to place your name, contact information, and company on the flyer or cards.

To get you may down load a sample flyer and postcard from my Website in a zipped file. The documents are in Doc format so you'll need MS Word to open them. You may copy them, edit them, use them and/or, alter or modify them to suit your needs.

Here are a couple of observations about using a Valentines promotion like this: First, plan on going to work early that day. Not only will you need to pick up your goodies'll need to have them delivered when the offices you've picked, open for business (or, as early as possible there after). You may even want to help set-up the little treat to ensure it looks good. Check the opening times of the offices ahead of time and plan your deliveries accordingly.

Second, this won't break your advertising and promotion budget. Remember, you're being extremely selective and you're only delivering your goodies to your very best referral sources and business partners. It may be one office or half a dozen offices...either way, it's an inexpensive and outside of the box (bagel box that is) promotion. Don't miss this great opportunity to promote your mortgage business.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Panama Banks Are The Most Secret in the World

Panama was once listed as a "non cooperative tax haven" but the tiny country has worked hard to shed itself of that outcast image. If you are interested in a Panama financial institution, you should educate yourself about the policies, processes, risks and features involved in doing business with a Panama financial institution.

Panama has recently tightened its anti-money laundering laws and has created a banking system that is extremely private and highly competitive, but it is monitored well by the international offshore banking community. Doing business with a bank in Panama is generally hassle free. You can rest assured that your assets are being managed in a reputable and safe banking jurisdiction.

Before the major reforms of the mid 1990s, Panama was home to over 150 offshore banks, but that number has been trimmed to around 80 banks. The remaining banks must adhere to strict banking and privacy regulations while at the same time ensuring that illegal activities are not allowed to happen.

Banks in Panama have many advantages over banks in other offshore jurisdictions. The only type of monies that are taxable in the Republic of Panama are those that are generated outside of the country. If you choose to incorporate your business in Panama, but you decide to conduct your business elsewhere, you can deposit all of your assets and earning into your Panama bank without being responsible for paying local taxes on your money.

Panama banks offer many banking services for the banking client that requires a number of different options for their business. There are three types of accounts that you can get at a Panama bank including; merchant accounts, personal accounts and business accounts.

Non-resident Panama bank customers can have Internet account access set up by the bank's management in order to access any necessary account information and in order to transfer funds to and from your Panama bank. It is also easy to apply for and receive a debit, ATM or credit card from a Panama bank to make access to your money even easier.

The majority of banks in Panama require that their potential customers have an initial minimum deposit which can be as low as 00 USD. Many banks also require that each account must maintain a minimum balance in order to avoid costly fees.

If you decide that a Panama bank is for you, you are able to choose many options. You can open a personal account or you can takes steps to incorporate an IBC or an offshore company. Be prepared to show your personal information and verify your identity by providing a notarized copy of your passport, reference letters and a drivers license or equivalent photo id.

Only you can decide if opening one of the many available accounts at a Panama bank is for you, but you can rest assured that Panama is no longer the place for shady business dealings. The Panama bank system has been cleaned up and offers savvy customers the opportunity to keep their money in a safe account while watching it grow with little tax burden.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Different Types of Wood Pellet Stoves

Depending on the size and shape of the rooms in your home, you may want to give some thought to the kinds of wood pellet stoves that are available. It is also important to consider where the chimney is in your home. For the most part, any homeowner should be able to replace their existing heating system with wood pellet stoves.If you have a fireplace, you can purchase wood pellet stoves that will fit right in where the grate is. These stoves will also work well in archways, under mantles, or almost any type of recessed cavity in your home. If you have more than one fireplace in your home, or it is an especially large house, you may want to purchase more than one stove. You can even purchase wood pellet stoves that match the color scheme of your rooms. On the other hand, you might even want to purchase a stove that is bright red, and use it as a unique and charming accent piece. Aside from being functional, these stoves are likely to get the attention of any visitors that might see them.You can also purchase wood pellet stoves with other decor issues in mind. If you do not have a fireplace, there are stoves available that have brick facades. This makes wood pellet stoves look just like a real fireplace. Irregardless of whether you want red brick, or some other color, these beautiful stoves are sure to become the centerpiece of any room you put them in. Other than the fact these wood pellet stoves may not be recessed into a wall, they will still look very attractive.Many smaller homes do not have a fireplace, but they still have an intact chimney. For these homes, stand alone wood pellet stoves are perfect. Chances are, if you have furnace installed, you can replace it with these stand alone units. Considering the range of sizes available, you can most likely find wood pellet stoves that will fit in almost any area. Similar to the models that fit inside a pre-existing fireplace, stand alone units also come in a wide array of colors. You may even find wood pellet stoves that come with enough space on top to utilize for cooking foods.Finally, there are wood pellet stoves that include a boiler and central heating unit. These fascinating stoves often look just like a furnace. The big difference is they burn wood pellets, and not expensive oil. If you strongly favor central heating, or like using your heating system to obtain hot water, these types of wood pellet stoves would be ideal for your purposes.Chances are, wood pellet stoves can meet every home heating requirement that you have. From elegant decor to cost saving fuel efficiency, wood pellet stoves offer a number of advantages. In addition, the various styles of wood pellet stoves available on the market virtually guarantee that you will be able to find one that will fit into your home with ease.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Difference between Low priced and high-priced sunglasses

Apparently, you cannot find any difference between cheap sunglasses and expensive sunglasses. However, if anybody look up the real difference involving the home equity loans sunglasses with minute details and another can locate wide range of differences particularly when quality, design and finishing is considered. The best method of sunglass may protect the wearer from being exposed to ultra violate rays. Protection from ultra violate rays is critical for those human eyes as experience of this rays may cause great harm for that retina and cornea inside our eyes. Sometimes persons are in contact with dazzling reasons for light generating in the reflection of sunrays from your surface of snow or some other variety of reflex able medium, then incidence of cornea hampering can happen.

A good quality sunglass can look after people using this sort of hazards by restricting the reflected light from entering our eyes. Similar reflection of sunshine may occur from your surface of water also and then in such case reflected light cause greatly disturbance for our eyes. Sunglass of good qualities can safe guard us from with this kind happening also. Blurring of vision may occur when frequency of sunshine found our eyes exceeding the permissible limit for eyes. In these cases, also right quality of sunglass with right variety of color may protect us from this type of awkward experiences. Not every eye caring qualities those are found in expensive sunglasses will likely be offered with all in cheap sunglasses thereby improving the vulnerability for eye damages.

If anybody is true of buying cheap sunglasses, it's natural that he will miss each of the above-mentioned privileges of wearing expensive sunglasses. And the second problem people very often faces while deciding on buying cheap sunglasses how the manufacturer of cheap sunglasses you should not supply the right lenses that's needed to make a sunglass perfect. As opposed to that, they give lenses within the cheap sunglasses with ordinary grade, which cannot protect the human beings eyes as expensive sunglasses, can. Therefore, before choosing a budget sunglasses, people must imagine every one of issues making decision accordingly. For going to save a few bucks, it is not cognizant of select an inferior quality of products like cheap sunglasses, which could ultimately produce a greater variety of damage like spoiling ones eyes.

If anybody is doubtful in regards to the effectiveness in the above contents, it's possible to verify these points using an authenticated ophthalmologist and get his opinions when considering the points discussed from the above paragraph. It truly is hundred percent certain that the qualified ophthalmologist might be consensus when using the opinions expressed here. Therefore, a very important factor could be concluded in the above topics that there is nothing obtainable using this universe without true value for it. Additionally, a similar thing is applicable in this case where cheap sunglasses can be eliminated while opting for procuring a sunglass whether it is for casual wearing or for that matter constant wearing per the prescription of an ophthalmologist.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Payday Loans Online Want To See Bank Accounts Managed Well

Without a bank account, even an online payday loan is impossible. Paying regular bills such as rent and utilities are difficult without a checking account. There are check-cashing stores which will charge a fee for banking services. As handy as these companies can be, the more dependent a person becomes using these services, the more of their paycheck will go towards their revenue. In California, there are over 17 million adults who are considered "unbanked", holding no bank account to their name.

When consumers look into opening a bank account, the bank will run their names through a scoring system to determine a rank on their banking rate. If there had previously been too many overdrafts, the bank will typically decline the opportunity to open a new bank account.

For the last six years, "Bank on California" has been helping people open checking accounts for low or no cost. These "Bank On" accounts, now reach amounts of over 214,000 accounts since the end of 2008. Besides creating accounts for the unbanked Californians, there have been over 2,000 financial education workshops for families with low or moderate income. The project began in San Francisco and has branched out to eight other state communities. The Department of Financial Institutions wants to continue the outreach and is looking for additional financial partners for San Diego and for more rural areas. Each of the eight area programs have a large group of financial partners including non-profit and local government agencies which offer the starter bank accounts and are provide financial workshops. There are more than 30 banks and credit unions participating in the program as well.

There are a few of these programs running which do not charge the individual fees for opening and using the accounts. Many include a debit card which will not have transactions processed unless there is money in the account to cover the cost. Getting the help needed in order to learn how to keep a bank account in good status is a great way to help get what is learned in the workshops into reality. These accounts also give the people a place to put their money. A cash checking store will cash the check but then the person will carry around money in their pocket or find a place to store it in their home. Having one of these accounts is a much safer place for the account holders to stash their cash.

These types of programs in California and other states are a great platform for individuals to get themselves acclimated into the banking world. There are still many individuals which will need some extra persuading to get them to participate in the banking world again. Quite a few of these individuals had a negative experience with banks. Monthly account fees, bounced check fees, and unexpected debits all contributed to the closed bank accounts. Getting a check cashed and then have the bank immediately take most of it in fees leaves it difficult for the family to afford food and run their household.

Online payday loans will do business with good standing bank accounts.These lenders do not dig into your credit history, but look into how you manage your bank account. Most responsible lenders will want to see the most recent 30 day statement in order to process a loan. Since payments come from your checking account, a bank account with too many overdrafts is a red flag warning for a direct online payday loan lender.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Bin Checker - Your Tool To Reduce Credit Card Fraud

The long numbers that appear on debit or credit cards are very useful. They first of all identify the institution and then the account holder. Until of course an all knowing thief enters a company database and steals your customers' personal information.

Most of the time customers will present cards to you for payment of transactions. You will most likely swipe the card through your card reading machine to see whether it is valid. This is usually done by checking whether the card's transactions are acceptable.

There are a number of companies who have tried to set up a database of Bank Identification Numbers to help suppliers. By providing this database, companies can be able to verify cards that are presented to them. You should consider installing one for your company to reduce any losses that might occur. One of these companies is Bin Checkers with a huge database therefore making things easy for you.

With Bin checkers database, you will have access to over 130,000 verified numbers and thus reduce the need to check card by card. Bin Checkers updates this database daily so it is reliable every day. Cash transactions are more or less extinct nowadays and cards are used everywhere from the pharmacy to the supermarket. These are all companies vulnerable to fraud, this is why they require a database like the Bin Checker database to protect them. When you visit Bin Checker Online, you will be able to see other added benefits of having Bin Checkers on your system.

Most customers use American express cards to pay for their purchases and it would be a good idea to choose Bin Checker for American Express for this purpose. Credit card companies limit the percentage of charge backs a company can have, failure to which you will be blacklisted. By use of credit card Bin checker or Bank Bin Checker, you can reduce this. Identification numbers on cards can be used to view the transaction history of a card. With a Bin Checker database you will be able to access which cards have been flagged for fraudulent activity.

If you are a store and offer your customers incentives like gift cards so they can shop at your store, you should also be on alert. Cards are usually paid for way in advance and if the numbers have been stolen, the intended user will not use it. With a Bin Checker program, you will be able to have this information on time. So when the stolen number is presented, you will be able to decline it based on information.

We have also improved our database to offer details of specific cards. We have Bin Checkers for American express and Bin Checkers MasterCard. If most of your customers are covered by either company, it will make the process faster. American express have different subtypes for its cards, and with a Bin Checkers database, you can be able to realize fraud. You can do this by detecting if a benefit for one card is being used on another.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Commercial Real Estate Consulting Services Are Available For Your Needs

Commercial real estate consulting services are available for many reasons. These professionals are experts in the real estate industry. They know everything there is to know about properties, and they can offer you advice, help or opinions on many issues. People seek out these services for many reasons. One common reason to employ these valuable sources of information arises when a person is searching for property to buy. If a person needs some type of property for business purposes, this is the type of resource to employ. Commercial real estate consulting professionals can help locate properties, and they can help you determine whether or not the property is the right type for that person's particular needs.

They are also experts at placing values on properties. These experts know specific markets. They know what properties sell for, and the prices for which you can buy them. They are able to conduct appraisals, and this is very important for people who purchase rental properties or other types of properties for business purposes. Commercial real estate consulting services can also help with lease negotiations and contracts. If you need help coming up with a good lease, you can hire a firm like this for help. They can help you to draft a lease to fit your needs. If you are signing a lease with another company, they will look over the lease to see if you should sign it. These firms will be able to offer expert advice regarding nearly any issue relating to real estate transactions, including sales and leases.

Property management firms commonly hire these consultants for help as well. They will do this to learn about various aspects of management. They will also do this to learn how to create contracts that are good to use with their own clients. In addition to this, landlords will hire these firms as a way to find good property management firms to hire. They can handle anything that is related to real estate. By hiring a firm like this, you will receive expert advice, opinions, suggestions and assistance for any issue you may have. This is a great way for people to protect themselves, and it is also a great way to learn about these types of deals. If you need help in any way about an issue relating to this field, you should hire commercial real estate consultants. They will be able to give you expert advice about any issue.

One of the reasons they are so good at these jobs is because most reputable commercial real estate consulting firms have worked in this industry for many years. Some of these professionals may have been real estate agents in the past, while others were often property managers. In order to work in this field, you must have a great deal of knowledge about this subject. You would also likely be required to have a degree in business or something related to this. If you need any help buying or selling properties, or if you need assistance with contracts or leases, these are the companies to hire. Find one that has experience and a good reputation if you are looking at an impending real estate transaction.

Friday, November 16, 2012

RPET - Rajasthan Pre Engineering Test - RPET 2011 Counselling

MBA is a multi-disciplinary course. So any student who has got a bachelor's degree in any subject like arts, commerce, science, engineering or technology or any other equivalent subject from a recognized university, can go for MBA in Jaipur. The students, who are waiting for their results of graduation, are also eligible to apply for it. They have to give an entrance examination to get admission. For many, an MBA is a chance to polish their skills as they prepare to enter the exciting world of corporate management and some just love the intellectual stimulation and challenge that a degree like this offers. There is another category of MBA aspirants who look at themselves as the corporate leaders of tomorrow and for them, an MBA is the first step of the ladder to success.
Numerous Career Choices
Besides acquiring soft skills like interpersonal and communication skills, leadership skills, analytical aptitude, and ability to think out of the box, MBA graduates also learn advanced business concepts and management principals. The professional training imparted in an MBA program helps managers identify growth opportunities and take critical decisions that lead organizations on the path to success.
The career choices open to a Master's of Business Administration graduate are many. From marketing management and corporate finance to Information Technology management and human resources - an MBA graduate can choose a business field that interests them and utilizes their academic knowledge, practical training, and intrinsic strengths to the maximum extent possible.
For example, if you like the thrill of promoting an organization's products and services through different channels, then you may enjoy the field of marketing. The U.S. Department of Labor defines the work of a marketing manager as estimating the demand for products and services offered by a firm and identifying potential markets for them. Marketing managers also develop pricing strategies and monitor product development.
Financial managers, on the other hand, supervise a company's direct investment activities in addition to implementing its short-term and long-term financial management strategies and goals. They are also responsible for directing the preparation of financial reports. If you like number crunching and cash planning, then you will draw maximum satisfaction out of financial management.

Basic types of MBA programs
Two-year (Full Time) MBA programs normally take place over two academic years (i.e. approximately 18 months of term time). For example in the Northern Hemisphere beginning in late August/September of year one and continuing until May of year two, with a three to four month summer break in between years one and two. Students enter with a reasonable amount of prior real-world work experience and take classes during weekdays like other university students.
Accelerated MBA programs are a variation of the two year programs. They involve a higher course load with more intense class and examination schedules. They usually have less "down time" during the program and between semesters. For example, there is no three to four month summer break, and between semesters there might be seven to ten days off rather than three to five weeks vacation.
Part-time MBA programs normally hold classes on weekday evenings, after normal working hours, or on weekends. Part-time programs normally last three years or more. The students in these programs typically consist of working professionals, who take a light course load for a longer period of time until the graduation requirements are met.
Executive MBA (EMBA) programs developed to meet the educational needs of managers and executives, allowing students to earn an MBA or another business-related graduate degree in two years or less while working full time. Participants come from every type and size of organization profit, nonprofit, government representing a variety of industries. EMBA students typically have a higher level of work experience, often 10 years or more, compared to other MBA students. In response to the increasing number of EMBA programs offered, The Executive MBA Council was formed in 1981 to advance executive education.
Distance learning MBA programs hold classes' off-campus. These programs can be offered in a number of different formats: correspondence courses by postal mail or email, non-interactive broadcast video, pre-recorded video, live teleconference or videoconference, offline or online computer courses. Many schools offer these programs.
Dual MBA programs combine MBA degree with others (such as an MS or a J.D., etc) to let students cut costs (dual programs usually cost less than pursuing 2 degrees separately), save time on education and to tailor the business education courses to their needs. Some business schools offer programs in which students can earn both a bachelor's degree in business administration and an MBA in four or five years.
Few MBA Colleges in Jaipur:
Uttam Devi Mohan Lal School of Management
JECRC School of Management

Monday, November 12, 2012

Refinance Virginia Mortgage Home Loans

There is a saying, 'once bitten twice shy'. If a borrower defaults in making his payments or makes a late payment time and again or has too many outstanding debts then he is liable to have a bad credit or poor credit rating which does not augur well for his financial health. But if there is no way out from his mess, there are lenders who are willing to help refinance his current mortgage and make his loan eligible for another loan! Isn't that amazing.

The merits of Virginia refinancing are: Possible to get cash back to pay off debts and restore your sagging credit rating Possible to take the benefit of the existing low interest rates and converting your loan into one that has low interest rates Possibility of low interest rates would mean savings.

Refinancing can be done using interest rate reduction refinancing loan. This would help in converting the loan into an easier payable scheme. The rate of interest would depend purely on the personal situation of the borrower and help him in easily repaying it.

Borrowers can also take a loan on a home that has already been constructed though there are less provision in home loans on the same. This can then be used to refinance the existing loan and reduce its interest rates.

Thus Virginia mortgage home loans are basically borrower-friendly designed to help meet the borrower's needs and bring around a solution to home loan facilities. Such loans are encouraged to bring some much needed solution to the stagnant cash struck borrowers who need a gentle push in the form of refinancing. Depending on the capacity of the borrower the interest rates are designed to enable easily payment of interest rates to the lender.

By applying to refinance a mortgage, a borrower can save money on monthly mortgage payments in a very short period. Added to those lenders out of their personal interest will offer advice to improve the credit rating of the borrowers.VA home loans are the most secure form of loans. Therefore the risks for the lender are much less than those incurred with a non-secured loan.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Some Interesting Facts On Faxless Payday Loans!

Would you like to find a good solution for all your temporary problems? Make sure that this article is an ideal place to begin. We will tell you all about faxless payday loans and their benefits. So that you will manage to a lot of interesting information and useful tips here. Acting in such a way, you will manage to avoid financial instability in your family budget easily. As a rule all problems usually disappear themselves if the necessary amount is provided instantly. There are no doubts that faxless payday loans can be extremely helpful in the most difficult times. Why wouldn't you try to apply for a loan right now?

It should be emphasized that it is possible to take a lot of advantages from faxless payday loans. We will try the best to describe the most important ones in detail. At first, we would like to tell you that all the necessary transactions are performed securely. Your personal information and other details of your loan will never be disclosed. None excepting you and a lender will know about your borrowing money.

It is not a surprise that offering faxless payday loans lenders can always provide people with urgent financial aid. Thus, this extremely fast and highly effective solution may take a very important place in your family budget. In such a way, submitting an online application now you will have funds deposited directly to your account during the next business day.

More and more people prefer to deal with professional companies like and are very satisfied with experience. We would recommend our readers to consider these guys as a really reliable partner. Such lenders can proudly boast of high level customer service and have established a good reputation among borrowers. The list of advantages includes the following: immediate online approval, 100% secure application, no faxing and credit checks. Making a few clicks of mouse you will manage to receive funds within several minutes. All your financial problems will be solved at once. It should be noted that faxless payday loans are the most flexible, fastest, and easiest way to help you.

Such a solution is available for any person. Everything may be required to do is to fill in the form with the necessary information and submit an online application. It should be pointed out that all borrowers must be at least 18 years old, have a stable monthly income and direct deposit account set up with a local bank.

Applying for faxless payday loans offered by clients have an opportunity to avoid annoying work with papers, faxing, checks, running around, hassle and many other difficulties! The procedure of taking faxless payday loans is significantly simplified! It is possible to perform all the necessary actions even not leaving a house.

Taking into account the current situation and each individual case, lenders can provide you with loans of 0 and 00. Sometimes it is possible to borrow even higher amounts. Payment time and loan amount are the major factors that will determine your fee. Thus, the more money you are borrowing and longer period is the higher fee will be in the end.

Prepare to additional questions about your present work and monthly income. There are also lenders that don't require this information. Thus, providing borrowers with all the necessary details you will have to wait for a loan approval. Faxless payday loans of are approved within hours and afterwards money will be deposited directly to your account.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ACS Student Loans

An ACS student loan is a loan that is serviced by the Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. It is a company known for outsourcing technology and business solutions. Universities across the country use the ACS student loan services because of the company's reputation for using technology to effectively handle some of the more difficult aspects of loan services.

ACS student loans allow students to make payments online, instantly be able to see the status of an account, make changes to personal details such as name and address, and also to be able to receive email notifications when a payment has been processed.

Many different programs for financial aid fall under the heading of an ACS student loan. One of the major ACS student loan groups is the Campus Based Student Loan Program (CBSL), which includes Federal Perkins Loans, Nursing Student Loans (NSL), and Institutional Loan Programs, among others. Another major group of educational loans handled by ACS is the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFEL), which includes the Stafford (GSL) Loans, PLUS loans to parents of students, and loan consolidation services. ACS also has the ability to handle many other groups of educational loans donated by a variety of private companies.

For those who do not already have an ACS student loan, applications and guidelines for different financial aid options are available online. The ACS website gives a clear example of how to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, and demonstrates what the results mean in terms of your eligibility for financial aid. Furthermore, applications for both Stafford and PLUS loans for parents can be found on the ACS website, and can be completed and sent in online.

If you are the holder of an ACS student loan already, you may be interested in knowing about the benefits of student loan consolidation. The ACS website provides information and application forms that could help you lock in a lower rate and reduce your monthly payment amount.

Some other tools that can help you with your ACS student loan are a repayment calculator, guidelines from the IRS about how to use your student loans for tax relief, and a glossary of important student loan-related terms.

All in all, an ACS student loan is one that will give the borrower plenty of ease and flexibility when it comes to loan servicing from application to repayment and consolidation. ACS works with a number of universities across the United States, including the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Vermont. Even if your specific university does not offer student loans handled by ACS, their website is a treasure trove of helpful tools and information, and well worth a look.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Merchant Cash Advance - Need Capital for Your Business?

Are you a small or mid-sized business looking for quick and easy cash access? Do you have bad or even good credit? If so, a merchant cash advance may be the perfect option for you. This is a great alternative to a business loan and eliminates specific, inconvenient, and non-flexible payback guidelines concerning payments and time.

They provide the perfect opportunity in an economy where it is difficult for anyone to obtain a loan, no less at a reasonable rate. Even better, a business approved for such a cash advance would be provided with a payment given in one lump sum. These advances are ideal for restaurant and retail businesses since they do usually gross high credit card sales. However, these loans are available to any small business looking for such cash access and meeting the qualifications. Companies without strong credit or collateral are also considered for one.

The exciting thing about a merchant cash advance is that it is truly catered to fit the needs and financial success of your business, as the approval amount is based on sales volume, business history, and business relationships. The way that this works is that your future MasterCard and Visa receivables will be converted into instant cash for your business In addition, the whole process can take very little time, with pre-approvals in 24-48 business hours and funding taking place in as little as ten days.

If you are approved, a merchant cash advance funding company such as will work with you and your business to figure out the best repayment terms for your business. Repayments are based on a small fixed percentage of future Visa and MasterCard receivables.

The convenience of such transactions is that is that they are automatically applied to the balance owed on your advance. In addition, the motto of this type of capital is "we don't get paid until you do". This means that paying back this business capital is truly based on the financial success of your business and even considers business during slow times. You will never feel as though you are unable to make payments, as they always based on your financial intake.

Take a merchant cash advance into consideration for your business today. There is no lengthy or complicated paperwork and no upfront fees. This is truly a great business investment and can be used for any business need.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

$50,000 Personal Loans With Bad Credit: Beating The Financial Quagmire

Large loans are not easy to secure when an applicant has a poor credit history, but the good news is there are loan packages available, even to those with the lowest credit scores. Getting a ,000 personal loan with bad credit is not out of the question.

True, it might seem highly unlikely to get loan approval with low credit scores, especially for such a large sum of money. But if your application is strong enough to survive scrutiny, and does enough to tick the important boxes, then approval is possible. Of course, choosing the right lender is important too.

The great advantage in securing a large personal loan is that it can make a huge difference to clearing existing debts. But, remember to spend time considering the ideal terms in line with your budget and needs. When a strategy is decided upon, the chances of the loan application succeeding increases dramatically.

Know Where To Go

Banks seems to have had their day in the sun. This is down to a few reasons, but principally because the lending options have increase. Banks are not the only option when seeking a ,000 personal loan with bad credit, with their terms typically tough. Now, online lenders provide an affordable alternative.

Online lenders offer a superior loan product because they have had to survive a very tough industry. Their niche market is in lending to bad credit borrowers, making loan approvals with low credit scores a reality. All that is needed is for the income level of the applicant to be enough to meet the monthly repayments.

Amongst the principal attractions is the lower interest rates that they charge in comparison to the banks, but the repayment schedules are more flexible too. In fact, large personal loans are set to be approved so long as the criteria are met.

Income and Security

The role that income plays in securing approval on a ,000 personal loan with bad credit is not small, but neither is it the principal issue to decide the matter. What is more important is how the income compares to the existing debt, and if there is sufficient excess income to cover the repayments of another loan.

What we are referring to is the debt-to-income ratio that the applicant has. The accepted lending limit is set at 40:60, which means a maximum of 40% of available income can be used to repay loans. So, it does not matter how much money is actually earned, but how much of the income is left over to make the repayments.

Getting approval with low credit scores is possible if the ratio is stuck to; it is something lenders insist on. And if the 40% limit is breached, then the application will be rejected. In that event, finding some form of security can help the cause. Whether collateral or a cosigner, the chances of getting the large personal loan are definitely enhanced.

Cosigners or Collateral

Security is something that lenders like to see included in an application, but there are differences between an item of collateral and the addition of a cosigner when seeking a ,000 personal loan with bad credit. Collateral provides extra security, but it can be tricky finding an item worth ,000. A cosigner is a more popular choice.

A cosigner offers a guarantee that the monthly repayments will be made, and this practically guarantees approval with low credit scores. This is because lenders always prefer to receive cash than have to take control of the item of collateral. Simply put, finding a cosigner is the superior choice when seeking a large personal loan.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The FDCPA Against Collectors

A debt collector may not be held legally responsible in any action brought under this subchapter if the debt collector shows by a preponderance of the evidence that the violation was not intentional and resulted from a bona fide error. In a nutshell, there had to be intent on the part of the collector. A bona fide error is not a willful violation. Alternatively any collector who violates the Act can be held legally responsible for his actions. You have a right to sue a debt collector who has violated the act notwithstanding error. Additionally, an employee of an original creditor does not fall under the FDCPA because the Act specifically states "someone who in the day to day operation of their job- collects debts and is a "debt collector". (Who regularly collects or attempts to collect, directly or indirectly, debts owed or due or asserted to be owed or due another).

Many employees of banks, furniture stores and medical facilities are not debt collectors. The law covers debt collection agencies and debt collection attorneys or even original creditors if. they regularly collect debts in their daily duties "(California statute). - Not all states may support "original creditor exceptions". Remember too that if it is to your benefit, State law can rule over Federal: "a State law is not not in agreement with Federal FDCPA if the protection of such law afforded any consumer is greater than the protection provided by the Federal law". What this means is that Federal always rules if the State law conflicts but just because the State law may offer more protection, doesn't mean it is a "conflict". If the two laws DO conflict with each other than Federal wins. It's called the supremacy Clause and it is found in the U.S. Constitution.

So, if you have been physically abused or abuse by a collector you can take action.

Generally the Fair Debt Collection Act Prohibits:
-You cannot be harassed
-They cannot tell third parties about the debt
-They cannot call you after 9 p.m. or before 8 a.m.
-They cannot threaten you or use scare tactics
-They cannot legally sue you for an expired debt
-They cannot contact you once you put them on notice not to
-They must be able to verify the validity of the debt

People fail to meet their credit obligations for a variety of reasons. These range from over-extension of finances to unemployment and illness. Whatever the reason, every person is protected by the federal Fair Debt Collection methods Act. Congress passed this act to protect consumers from harassment by debt collectors. Personal, family, and household debts are covered under the act. This includes money owed for the purchase of an automobile, for medical care, or for charge accounts.

Mini-Miranda Warning
If a collection agency or collection attorney forgets to add the mini-Miranda in its communications it can result in violations. Any communication with a debtor must always include the mini-Miranda specified by the Act. 15 U.S.C. 1692(e)(11). This notice is usually placed on all dunning letters utilized by collection agencies. For violations see smith v. Trans world Systems, Inc., 953 F. 1025 (6 th Cir. 1992).

Limitations on contacting the consumer
A debt collector may only contact a person between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Debt collectors may not contact the consumer at his job if the debt collector is aware that the employer prohibits personal calls. A person may notify a debt collector in writing if he or she does not want any further contact with the collector. Once this notice has been received, the debt collector must stop all communications, except to notify the person that a specific action will be taken.

Can debt collectors tell someone else about your debt?
No! A debt collector can discuss your debt only with your attorney, a credit bureau, the creditor, and the creditor's lawyer. However, the debt collector can contact other people to find out where the debtor lives or works.

What debt collection methods are forbidden?
Debt collectors may not harass, intimidate, threaten, or embarrass you. Debt collectors may not make false or misleading statements, such as falsely associating themselves with a government office or credit bureau. They may not use misleading or false threats of imprisonment or criminal charges.

Threatening to Take Legal Action
Collection agencies often threaten to sue debtors. The FDCPA prohibits collectors from stating that he will take action that cannot be legally taken or that is not intended to be taken. 15 U.S.C. 1692(e)(5); Case law:Bentley v. Great Lakes Collection Bureau, 6 F. 60 ( Cir. 1993).The FTC has indicated that collectors may not even imply that an action will be taken unless such action is legal and there is a reasonable likelihood at the time the statement is made that such action will be taken.

What to do if a debt collector violates the Act
Keep detailed records of any communication you have with the debt collector. Include time, date, and the name of the person with whom you spoke. Keep a copy of all written correspondence between you and the debt collector. Also, if a debt collection agency orders your credit reports before they have validated the debt then they may have violated the FCRA and the FDCPA. You may sue a debt collector.FDCPA-Sec.. - Civil liability

We have a sample letter for FDCPA violations

We also have a debt collection log sample letter to keep all notes

Read all Consumer Statutes> (opens in new window)

Collection agency laws by state

Restrictions on garnishments

FDCPA opinion letters by the FTC. These letters are a gem!

Locate a collection agency

Statute of Limitations to sue under the FDCPA
The FDCPA provides for a one-year statute of limitations. 15 U.S.C. (d). The limitation period begins to run on the date a communication is mailed, and cannot be extended by the Rules of Civil Procedure. Case law: v. U.S. West Communication, Inc., 967 F.2nd 259 ( Cir. 1992).If you are going to sue for damages under the FDCPA you must do it within one year or forget it.

Can you sue the Original Creditor for FDCPA Violations?
in the vast majority of cases, creditors do not have any liability arising from the FDCPA. However, the term "debt collector" does include creditors who, "in the process of collecting his own debts, uses any name other than his own which would indicate that a third person is collecting or attempting to collect such debts." 15 U.S.C. (6)(A). But... and this may be a long shot, you can try to claim "negligent referral" by an OC who sends the debt to a CA without ever billing you.

What is considered debt validation
This may be one of the most confusing aspects of the FDCPA. Debt validation means to have the CA prove the debt, (1) belong to the right debtor and (2) not already paid prior. Many CA are now fighting back against a debtor's request for VOD because they claim, the FDCPA states they only have to prove it is your debt and not paid prior. This is an area that will definitely need attention from lawmakers to clarify. However, in our opinion, VOD does include proving the debt is valid beyond just showing it belongs to the right debtor. So stick to your guns when requesting proof of the debt because you have an absolute right to make sure the debt is valid in its balance as well as contract information. Be concise in your request for VOD. Don't ramble on and on asking for everything under the sun, because that may not be supported by the FDCPA. Ask for your signature, balance due, posted payments, any credits and date of last payment and activity. These are all valid requests in our opinion and could be effectively argued under the FDCPA for VOD.See this article for more about VOD>

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Knowing Your Revenue Streams

To maximize your revenue from martial arts school, you must have a clear understanding of your revenue streams.

Read these carefully. Not all will apply to you, but wouldn't it be nice if they did? One clear requirement for successfully utilizing most of these is that you will have to use agreements rather than month-to-month programs.

Revenue Stream 1
Down Payments on New Student Agreements

Also known as a registration fee, this is the initial investment a student makes to join your school. Typically, this is at least two months' tuition. For instance, a program is 9 down payment/registration and per month for 12 months or ongoing.

Revenue Stream 2
Down Payments on Renewing Agreements

This is the initial investment a student makes in order to renew or upgrade in your school. The best strategy for this has been the Black Belt Club. If you do not have a solid system for upgrades and renewals, this stream is dry for you.

Revenue Stream 3
Monthly Tuition
This is the lifeblood of your school. As you grow your school, your monthly tuition should grow as well. Ideally, your monthly tuition would cover your base operating expenses each month. For instance, if all the monthly expenses, including your salary, totaled ,000, your monthly tuition collections from your billing company would cover that amount. In that very healthy scenario, these other streams are 100 percent profit. Mind you, this is not easy to accomplish, but even 75% of expenses paid from your billing check would be good.

Revenue Stream 4
Product Sales
Consider your retail shop as though it were a separate business. Open a separate business checking account for your retail, and deposit all gear sales revenue into that account. Use an American Express card or any other credit card that requires pay-off each month to pay for equipment purchases. When you place an order, pay for it with your credit card. This gives you up to 30 days to sell the equipment to your students. As they pay for the equipment, deposit the funds into the retail account.

When the credit card bill for the equipment is due, pay for it with a check from the retail account. Since you are usually doubling your money, this retail account will grow fast. Your credit rating will grow, as well as your rewards for using the card. Ideally, you will build a large cash reserve and save money on plane tickets and vacations, too.

Sell thousands of martial arts products and supplies directly from your website. You choose which products to sell, set the retail price, and still only pay wholesale. Veteran schools have reported that they have tripled their retail sales using this valuable service.

Best of all, student payments go straight into your bank account and you are billed your wholesale rate, allowing you to better manage your cash flow and not have to wait for your referral check to arrive.

Revenue Stream 5
Special Events
Even if you don't charge for testing, you will want to host at least one special event each month for your student body. These can range from nunchaku seminars to board-breaking, "Fear Into Power" seminars. These are not only pretty easy to manage, but they are a lot of fun. My nunchaku seminars were always packed with 30 to 50 students and would generate around 0-,000 per event. The fee of included two rubber nunchaku to use in the class, so it was almost pure profit.

Birthday parties would also go under this category. A two-hour 0 birthday party is not only a revenue generator, but also a lead generator. Some schools have at least one birthday party per week, so it's a proven winner.

Revenue Stream 6
Testing/Grading Fees
I didn't include these with Special Events, because exam fees are a little different from special events. Most exams for stripes occur in class, and they usually don't require a fee. The main graduations on the weekends require additional work and staff, so it's reasonable to charge for these events.

Typically, exam fees range from to and increase with rank. Black belt exams can be as much as 0 to 0 but, to justify this higher fee, you should provide additional prep classes for the black belt candidates.

Some schools are large enough that they rent auditoriums to showcase their graduating black belts or to conduct the exam. The exam fee should cover these additional expenses.

Revenue Stream 7
Fast Track Testing
This is a touchy subject and has to be handled carefully. The idea is simply that some people are willing to invest more money to get through your belt system faster.

Revenue Stream 8
Paid in Fulls
In recent years, Paid In Fulls (PIFs) have made a huge comeback. MASS and other such organizations have championed the cash out as a way of getting maximum revenue from a student base that will more than likely drop out anyway. As much as I dislike the idea of treating all students like potential dropouts, smart use of Paid in Fulls can significantly boost your bottom line.

Revenue Stream 9
Renewals and Upgrades
Black Belt Club and Masters' Club are the most popular and proven renewal programs. For now, we want to focus on the renewal as a revenue generator.

Common practice has been to upgrade someone to a BBC or MC and replace his New Student agreement or program with the more expensive BBC or MC program. In most cases, the renewal had a registration of 9 or so, and tuition increased per month.

Another popular strategy is to keep the student on their current tuition plan, but charge them a one-time or annual fee to upgrade to BBC or MC. For instance, a student is paying 0 per month for her current program. A BBC or Masters' Club upgrade is presented as an annual upgrade for 0.

Revenue Stream 10
Discounting a Past-Due Contract
When I was a publisher for Martial Arts Professional magazine, we sold advertising to clients who wanted to reach and sell to our readers. On occasion, an advertiser would want to cancel the contract. In the world or publishing, the process for doing this is called shorting the contract.

In exchange for committing to a set number of ads, the advertiser would be given a discount for each ad they placed. Shorting the contract meant that the ads the client ran would be re-billed at the one-time rate and, if he paid the difference, we'd release him from the contract.

Revenue Stream 11
Career Training Programs
For years, I've taught the importance of creating a Leadership Team of assistant instructors to help you provide a higher level of service to your students. Typically, the Leadership Team is a by invitation only program for Black Belt Club members.

More and more schools are expanding Leadership Team programs into a precursor to a full-blown Career Development program that trains students to become martial arts school owners and instructors. Students pay for the right to attend staff meetings, practice role playing, and venture "into the kitchen" of the school.

Tuition for these programs are as high as ,900 for a two-year course. Keep in mind that, in order to offer this, you really have to know this business cold and create a solid curriculum on par with a vocational school, because, in a sense, that's what you are offering.
Student Audit

This is not so much a revenue stream as a way of plugging leaks in your cash flow. The Student Program Audit is a single sheet of paper with three columns and 11 rows. The columns are for a student's first, second, and third programs within a school. Typically, these are New Student, Black Belt Club, and Masters' Club, but any program will work.

The first six rows are the various payment options a student might use in your school. The next two are the start and end date for the program, which are followed by a check mark to make sure the Party Responsible for Paying is noted in the agreement and that the injury waiver has been signed. Your job is to audit each and every student's file to make sure you have each of these important items in the student's folder.

The first few times you do a Student Audit, it is like found money. You will be amazed at how much important paperwork is missing. More than that, you will be stunned at how many students are training who have expired or have no record of payments.

Staple one Student Audit to the outside of each student file.

Build Around Your Core
Not all of these revenue streams will be for you. That's why the Core Dynamic of Finding Your Own Voice is so important. I personally helped create many popular trends in this industry. I also made it clear what programs I would never teach, even though I developed and sold them. What is good for me may not be good for you. Know what you like, and why you are doing this for a living, and then build strong revenue streams around those core programs.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Real Estate Investing

Hard Money Lending is Improving Your Community

Recent troubles in the real estate market have left many homes vacant and often unattended. These vacant or blighted properties cause many problems for local communities. As the level of decay increases the houses become safety and fire hazards, attract criminal activity and vandalism, and lower the property values in the neighborhood. These blighted properties thereby increase the demands for local government services, such as police and fire, as well as code enforcement. Local officials spend a lot of time trying to track down the owners of these properties to enforce building codes, but often to no avail.

Local communities would greatly benefit from a renewed interest in these vacant properties. But with banks cracking down on their lending policies, many real estate investors have become unable to obtain traditional loans through banks, and other financial institutions to purchase and rehab these properties. Many savvy real estate investors however are now turning to hard money lenders to finance their purchase and rehab of these vacant properties.

Hard money lenders assess the value of the property and make a lending decision based on the property's equity. An individual's credit score is much less of a factor in these lending decisions; so many more real estate investors are able to obtain these loans. As more of these properties are purchased and improved, the property value of the entire neighborhood increases.

These hard money loans are short term loans, often with higher interest rates. But for the purpose of purchasing a vacant property, improving the property, then reselling, this type of loan is a perfect fit. The loan can be obtained quickly (much more so than a conventional bank loan), and used to purchase and improve the property, then a quick resale recovers the investment and returns a profit.

With more real estate investors turning to hard money loans, more vacant properties are getting a new life. These properties are being refurbished and sold, bringing new families to these previously blighted areas. With the removal of these "eye sores" in the neighborhood, property values increase, and the drain on local government services are relieved. Overall community vitality is greatly improved by the removal of these blighted properties, and hard money lenders are facilitating this community renewal.
Hard Money Bankers, LLC

Friday, October 12, 2012

Warning Signs of a Changing World Economy

Since the early 90s there has been quite a bit of change in the world economy. This change can be seen in how countries interact with one another, how many Third World countries are coming out of poverty, and the general shift in how work is being done. In this article multiple ways in which the world economy has changed will be examined, both for the good and the bad.

One of the biggest signs that the world economy is shifting is the way in which Third World countries, such as China and India, have come out of near poverty to become major influences within the world economy. They have quickly surpassed such major economies as France, the United Kingdom, and Germany to become major powers, and have a major influence over the money in the world. These countries, once known for mediocre products and an overabundance of people, are now producing many of the world's major brands and shipping them throughout the world. India is producing top-notch engineers, IT professionals, and business professionals at an astounding rate.

While these countries are thriving, other countries are still continuing their battle to just simply get by. These impoverished nations struggle to provide food, water, and basic essentials such as schooling to their population. It is true that the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. Unfortunately for these nations their struggle may continue for decades to come.

One of the largest shifts that we see here in the United States is a transition away from "normal" jobs such as mining, manufacturing, and farming. These industries, once a stronghold in the United States, have largely been outsourced, or were taken over by major corporations that have reduced much of the major workforce in these industries. Knowledge work, such as banking, finance, technical computer programming, account management, and high-level engineering are all much more valued in the United States. This is in stark contrast to what the United States was built on in prior centuries.

Another sign of the changing economy is how integrated much of the world is. A person in the United States can now easily contact somebody in India, China, or Romania and outsource much of the work that would normally be done by that individual. High-speed Internet and faster computers have both contributed to this factor. As the Internet and computer speeds continue to increase, so too will the world's interaction. While many normal individuals will not see this change, large corporations are taking advantage of these operations now.

Another major change in the world economy has just manifested itself. With the downgrading of the United States credit rating by the S&P, many countries will reevaluate their current partnership with the United States. Although most may not change their current relationship, there may yet be ripples that will affect many countries, including the United States in the decades to come. With a chink in the United States armor, there is a greater possibility that other countries will step up and attempt to lead the world.

It is reported that 8.75 million jobs were lost during the recession. These jobs mostly paid moderate to high salaries and wages. One example, talked about in a recent article, stated that a woman who had earned an hour as a health department caseworker lost her job and is now working for an hour in an after school program. Her husband, who had a ,000 a year job, was laid off and is currently unemployed. There are literally millions of stories like this and the real devastation will probably play out for decades to come. Consumer spending accounts for 70% of the U.S. economy and with little chance of regaining these decent paying jobs, consumer spending will probably dip lower than it already is. In the face of data such as this, a quick recovery of the U.S. economy is unlikely. This represents just one of the signs of a changing world economy and one can wonder if this is temporary or a permanent leveling of the world economy field.

We must continually stay vigilant in this ever-changing world and remember that we must adapt to whatever situation may present its self. Written by John F Smalley

Monday, October 8, 2012

Choosing the Right Pool Builders: A Checklist

You've always wanted a pool and now, after years of saving and budgeting, you're finally ready to make the big leap. You're excited and you want to get started now, especially with the blazing heat and the stir-crazy kids.

No matter how desperate you are to get the ball rolling, you need to remember that a getting a swimming pool is a big decision a permanent fixture in your backyard. There is a process you need to go through to pick pool builders that will build an aesthetically pleasing pool that fits into your budget without cutting any corners on the quality of construction.

There are tons of Pool Builders out there, and they all claim to be the best. How do you tell who is really the best option for your life and your budget?

Follow this checklist of the top five things to consider when choosing which pool builders are right for you:
1. Ask the pool builders for a list of references. Contact those people and ask how they feel about their pool and the service that they received. If the pool builders are unable to provide great references, or if they do not provide any testimonials from happy customers this tends to be a bad sign.

2. Take your time. This is a big decision and is not something that you should rush into. Instead, comparison shop and get bids from different pool builders. And don't take the first design you've been shown if it isn't exactly what you want. Only entertain working with pool builders that will work with you to find the pool design of your dreams.

3. Get out there and see their showroom. Make sure that the employees are helpful, knowledgeable and respectful. After all, you will be dealing with these pool builders for an extended period of time and you want to know that they're doing everything they can to make you happy with the entire process and the finished product.

4. Don't sign a contract during your first appointment. When it's all said and done, the first contractor you meet may be the best. But, as with any investment, don't sign anything without taking the time you need to explain exactly what you want, and to get the promises you need in writing. You have to interview several pool builders to know that you are making the right choice,

5. Make sure you have any promises or "deals" in writing. Some pool builders may offer the world while they are trying to get your business and then drastically change their tune later in the process. If your pool builders offer you some amenities for free or a discount on the construction process, get them documented clearly, so you avoid any confusion.

The lesson that you should really take from this is that you are looking for the best people in addition to the best prices. If you call around and only try to get the best quote, odds are you will not only end up with a disappointing pool, you will also get hit by a bunch of unexpected charges from pool builders that make their living providing poorer services and products.

So, when you are trying to pick out your ideal pool builders look at their past work, their staff, and don't be pressured into signing a contract you don't understand.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Business Administration Tips

The following article suggests useful business administration tips for all those contemplating a career in management and administration. Read on...

Management is defined as the skill of coordinating all the organizational resources, be it human, financial or material, in order to achieve organizational goals. A degree in business administration equips a person to perform this management function in the best possible way. So, for all those who are contemplating a career in business management and administration, given below are some useful business administration tips, with regards to management education, as well as the job profile that you can expect in future.

Business Administration Tips on Management Education

To make a career in this field, you will need an Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from a recognized college or university. The degree provides education in all the major business administration and management fields. Here's a list of subjects that you will study in a business school:
1. Marketing
2. Financial Management
3. Accounting
4. Human Resources Management
5. Statistics
6. Economics
You will learn about basic theories and principles of management as well. If you get into a good business school, there will be guest lectures by some high profile professionals from the corporate world, which in itself is a great learning experience. Solving case studies, giving presentations, participating in group assignments, working part-time in a company or doing internships, are some other things you can look forward to doing at a business school. Once you pass out of the school, you will have a complete knowledge of management process in business administration. You may read further on benefits of an MBA degree. A management school will also equip you in all the required management skills, the list of which is given below:
1. Planning
2. Organizing
3. Decision Making
4. Problem Solving
5. Communication
6. Hiring
7. Controlling
8. Customer Relationship Management Skills
9. Leadership
10. Team Building
11. Negotiation Skills
Business Administration Tips on a Manager's Job Profile

The role of a manager in business administration, depends on the kind of organization he is in. Initially, his job may be limited to his chosen field of specialization, i.e. he might be a manager in the marketing department or in the finance department. However, as he moves from junior management to mid career level, he will be heading one of the departments in a company and performing functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling, in his department.

Planning involves setting both short-term as well as long term goals and arranging them in a logical sequence as to which one needs to be achieved first and so on. A manager needs to plan for what to do, how to do, when to do and by whom it should be done.

This function mainly involves setting up a structure in the department or the organization. Setting responsibilities for each and every person or department, how they will correspond and work together, who will supervise whom, all fall under this management function.

A manager needs to hire right people for any given job. So, he invites applications, interviews people and then hires them to work in the organization.

A manager motivates and leads his team so that they give their best to meet the organizational goals. A manager has to find the right balance between being sensitive to his staff needs, as well as getting the job done in time

The manager assesses and keeps a check on the performance of his employees so that the desired results can be achieved. There is a set "rewards and punishments" formula in every organization, which a manger follows to ensure maximum work output from his employees.

To perform the above functions, a manager needs to be creative, fair, sensitive to the needs of others, a good leader, motivator, problem-solver and a sound decision maker. When he reaches senior management, he will be required to over look all the departments in the company. A person with a degree in business management and the required managerial skills, can become the CEO of a company.

Here's hoping that the above given business administration tips have solved your query, "what is business administration and management?" satisfactorily. An MBA degree will open a host of career opportunities for you in the corporate world. So, without waiting any further, start career planning today!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Net 30 Accounts:How To Build Business Credit The Right Way

As soon as a company (vendor) extends a line of credit to a business on "Net 30″ day terms you can purchase their products or services up to a maximum dollar amount and you have 30 days to pay the bill in full.

So if you're business were to purchase 0 worth of products today, then that 0 is due within the next 30 days. Keep in mind it's always best to pay 15 or even 20 days ahead of the due date so your company credit report reflects that your business pays 15 or 20 days sooner than terms.

It's simply a matter of asking yourself if you would rather have an 80 paydex score or a 90 paydex score?

First let's review some key facts that you should know about Net 30 Accounts:

1) You can obtain products and services your business needs and defer the payment on those purchases for 30 days, thereby conserving cash flow. This is called "Net 30″.

2) When your first Net 30 account reports your "tradeline" to Dun and Bradstreet, the DUNS system will automatically activate your file if it isn't already. This is also true for Business Experian and Small Business Equifax.

3) Some net 30 vendors will approve your company upon verification with as little as a Tax Identification number and a 411 business listing.

4) Some vendors will require an initial prepaid order before they can approve your business for net 30 terms.

5) You must be patient and allow time for the vendors' data reporting cycles to get into the reporting systems of bureaus like DNB. In some instances a supplier may send their data file to a business credit bureau once every 45 days.

6) It takes a minimum of three reporting tradelines to establish a business credit score (Paydex) with DNB.

So what's the best way to build business credit with net 30 vendors?

Once you open an account with a vendor, you must consistently use it. For example, when you receive a 0 Net 30 credit line, you must make purchases from that vendor each month for a period of at least a year.

You will build strong scores in as little as 120 days, but to fully optimize your credit profile you need to use the accounts longer.

Don't make the big mistake of making just one purchase in the first month, then another in month four and another in month ten. You need to consistently use all your new credit lines each and every month.

Make purchases and then pay-off those purchases in full at least 15 to 20 days early (by day 15-10 in the case of Net 30 accounts) every month.

By following these steps you will be building business credit history for your company in the most effective way possible. Consistency and responsibility is the key to maximizing your scores and enabling your business to qualify for larger credit limits, favorable terms, and the lowest rates possible.